who will be the best class ever?

End of Year CIVIC Class Challenge and #BestClassEver

and The CIVIC Best CLASS Ever award goes to… 2007!!

Join us in congratulating this year’s CIVIC Best Class Ever, the Class of 2007! They rallied together and donated the most to the Darden Fund, winning the 2023 Class Challenge. Their generous support, as well as all of our Classes’ contributions, invests in our region’s present and future leadership, creating sustainability for an organization that has connected, inspired, and increased collaboration within our communities.

How to be the Best Class Ever 

Which class will win the “Best Class Ever” trophy this year? Every donation made towards the end of year Class Challenge will be a major factor in who is awarded this year’s Best Class Ever Trophy. If your class achieves its goal by December 31st, you will receive bonus points toward the trophy, which will be announced in Febuary.

AND…If your classmates make donations on Giving Tuesday, you will receive additional bonus points toward the Best Class Ever Trophy!

Class Challenge Countdown








Class Challenge Rankings

Check back here to see where your class falls in the competition for donating your class year amount.

Please note that these rankings will be updated every Friday between now and the end of the year. Last updated on 01/04/2023.

  • 2003 18% 18%
  • 2004 62% 62%
  • 2007 114% 114%
  • 2008 25% 25%
  • 2010 100% 100%
  • 2011 7% 7%
  • 2013 12% 12%
  • 2014 5% 5%
  • 2016 7% 7%
  • 2017 139% 139%
  • 2018 71% 71%
  • 2019 28% 28%
  • 2020 158% 158%
  • 2021 74% 74%
  • 2022 4% 4%

The impact of civic

We hear repeatedly from alumni and community stakeholders about the impact that CIVIC Leadership Institute has both in the community and for those who participate in the program. Our team loves hearing about the collaboration and the projects that come to fruition because of our strong alumni network. We love to tell these stories and we are reaching out to hear from you. Please share with our team why CIVIC is important to you.