Nominate a CIVIC Scholar

We're accepting applications for next year's class

Want to Nominate a CIVIC Scholar?

Are you a Dean, professor, advisor, administrator, current Scholar or CIVIC Leadership Executive alumni? You are eligible to nominate a student for the CIVIC Scholars Program! Find out more about our applicant requirements and recruitment process below.

Applicant Requirements

  • ODU student OR TCC student
  • Freshman, Sophomore or Junior standing for the 2023-2024 academic year
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Ready to commit 4-5 hours to the program per month, from August through April

What We Look For

  • Curious: We’ve never known a CIVIC Scholar to turn down an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Collaborative: Scholars value teamwork.
  • Community-oriented: Scholars have a drive for positive social impact.
  • Professionally Focused: Scholars want to expand their professional network and experience a business setting. 

Application Process

1. Nominate

The first step is for a student to be nominated by an ODU or TCC faculty or staff member, a current CIVIC Scholar or a CIVIC Leadership Executive Program alum.

2. Apply

Once a student has been nominated, they will be sent an application to complete.

3. Interview

After the application has been received, the student will schedule a short interview with the Program Manager.

4. Admission

Our team will assess the student’s nomination, application, and interview to determine their fit for the program.

5. Confirmation

Once accepted, the student must fill out a confirmation of participation to secure their spot in the CIVIC Scholars Program for the coming year.

Nominate a Scholar

Professors, Deans, College Administrators, current CIVIC Scholars, and CIVIC Executive alumni can nominate students that meet the application criteria and who they feel would be exceptional additions to the program.